I use to write a blog on and off over the last ten years, but I haven't in at least the last three. I stopped due toweird technical reasons more than anything, but I also worried I was just remixing or regurgitating what I read too much without adding too much original.

However, I did miss it as a running record of my thoughts and things I found where I was forced to write down my thoughts (often wrong or bad) about whatever I found out.

I found this old screenshot of the old blog:

It is distinctly of that time; some noteworthy things even from this old screenshot:


So, now here's this blog. I'm trying to get better at writing, capture my thoughts to see how they evolve and have a place on the internet that is controlled by me without the influence of my employer, ads or terms of service.


Here's a picture of a tree that I cut down recently:

I didn't actually really consider if cutting down a dying tree in a suburb is really axiologically correct to do.